Please find a brief explanation of our fees below. Not all items have been included – if you have any queries please do not hesitate to ask our staff for advice.

*All Workcover, Centrelink, Insurance and Adult Medical certificate consultations are ‘not’ bulk billed and will be charged at the normal Medicare private rate with a rebate applicable on the day.

Other service fee’s with NO Medicare rebate are as follow:

Iron Infusion $100
Venesection (non hemochromatosis patients) $74.10

All Saturday appointments are ‘not’ bulk billed and will be charged according to the private Medicare rates and a rebate is available at the centre on the day if you have an eftpos card. Please see chart below:

Consultation Types Private Charge Medicare Rebate Out Of Pocket
Standard Consult item 23 $77.00 $38.20 $38.80
Long Consult item 36 $140.00 $73.95 $66.05
Extended Consult item 44 $210.00 $108.85 $101.15
Upper Eyelid Reduction procedure/ both eyes $700.00 $299.70 $400.30
Upper Eyebrow Lift Procedure/both eyes $850.00 $306.90 $543.10

Our high levels of bulk-billing may not always be possible in the future due to a significant reduction in federal government funding to GP services over the next 3 years, but we will try hard to continue providing our services to those who need it most as long as it is possible. Please contact your local federal member if you would like to voice your concerns regarding the federal government cutting funding to family medical care.

Vaccinations – please call to check availability and cost, but we usually stock – influenza 4 strain.

We also stock pregnancy (28-32 weeks) whopping cough injections (free), 70-79 yr old Zostavax (shingles) injection (Free) and the Pneumovax injection >65 years or certain medical conditions (free).

We also sell a small selection of dressings, bandages, steri strips and combines when needed for at home use. Please ask for pricing at reception.